A Touch of Braille: A Brief Intro to Braille System – Monday, January 28, 2019

Interested in learning braille? Try our introduction to braille workshop!

Join us for a two-hour introduction to braille system. Try out braille basics and see how it might be useful to you.


  • How braille was created
  • Introduction to the braille cell, letters of the alphabet, and numbers
  • Having fun with the first 10 letters of the alphabet with practice exercise sheets
  • Show and tell of various ways that braille could be helpful in our daily lives
  • Questions and answers

Call Sight Connection at (206) 525-5556 or email: knamekata@sightconnection.org

Tell us your name, phone number and email (if you have one) expressing your interest to participate so that we can call you to confirm and welcome you to the group.

Look forward to hearing from you


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