All Clients are Equal

Mohammad’s life, Mohammad was homeless, hungry, blind, spoke no English and very despondent. Sight Connection’s social worker first addressed the acute depression that was paralyzing Mohammad from seeking help. Working with Downtown Emergency Services, Sight Connection secured meal sources and transitional shelter. As his basic needs became less desperate, Mohammad started taking English classes and envisioning a future for himself.

Ethiopian Amare G., was a recent widow whose Retinitis Pigmentosa was progressing to the point where “I won’t cross the street, I’m so scared.” Sight Connection’s mobility specialist slowly built up Amare’s confidence using a white cane to navigate outside. Clinical staff assessed the level of remaining vision, provided Amare with appropriate magnifiers, and introduced her to a CCTV. Now she can get to her mailbox, pay bills, read prescription bottles and be independent outside her home. ”What a difference.”

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