Art Beyond Sight tours at Seattle Art Museum

There’s a great article in the Seattle Times about Seattle Art Museum’s Art Beyond Sight tours. Click here to read it.

Once a month, Seattle Art Museum sponsors a tour geared to those with low or no vision. For the participants, the Art Beyond Sight program offers a unique chance to connect with art and find community.

Art Beyond Sight tours for visitors with low or no vision at the SAM at 1300 First Ave.

At 1 pm light refreshments.

Tours start at 1:20 pm and end by 3 pm with opportunity for further conversation and refreshments afterward. Visitors will be greeted by docents at our main entrance, on the corner of First Ave. and Union St. This is an accessible entrance, which means that visitors taking ACCESS transportation or taxi can expect a drop off area and a ramp. If you are driving, this entrance is also where the parking garage elevator leads to. Admission to the Museum is free for all Art Beyond Sight participants and their guests with advance registration. To register, email or call Kelsey Donahue at (206) 654-3133.

Saturday, November 18
Art Beyond Sight: Andrew Wyeth Tour

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