Assistive Technology Tip of the Month

Tip of the month

Keyboard Shortcuts

Last month we shared with you the LogicKeyboard Bluetooth Mini Keyboard. This month’s AT Technology Tip is a list of some keyboard shortcuts that can be used with VoiceOver on the iPad and a compatible Bluetooth keyboard.

Before the keyboard will work you must first enable the Bluetooth keyboard connection on your Apple device. You can do this by tapping Bluetooth in the settings app and making sure the toggle is on.

Turn on the keyboard.
A box on the screen will ask you for a code, enter the code on keyboard and press enter.

Turn on VoiceOver.

Turn Quick Navigation on. To do this hold down the left and right arrows together. (← →)

Left / Right arrow  (move through apps) While Quick Nav is enabled, you can use the arrow keys (← and →)

Option + Left arrow (open spotlight search).

Ctrl + Option + spacebar (opens app under the VO cursor).

Ctrl + Options + H (Go to Home Screen / exit and app).

Ctrl + Option + H H (bring up application switcher).

Option +  right arrow (move one page to the right).

Option  + left arrow (move one page to the left).

Ctrl + down arrow (move to the last item on the screen).

Ctrl + up arrow (move to the first item on the screen).

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