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Assistant Retail Operations Manager

The Assistant Retail Operations Manager is responsible for the efficient daily operation of the Sight Connection adaptive aids store; providing and assuring exemplary customer service; maintaining accurate records; and for providing any other staff and program support necessary to make the store a success. This is a full-time, exempt position, and the hours are 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (or 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) Monday through Friday.

The Assistant ROM is responsible for providing excellent customer service, as well as program support, staff support, any other work necessary to promote sales, process orders, and keep the store well-organized and running smoothly. The Assistant ROM works directly with the Retail Operations Manager and the Retail Operations Assistant(s).

This position is also responsible for front desk reception coverage on occasion.


Customer Service
All store staff are expected to encourage informed consumer choice, teach customers how to use the products they buy, and provide follow-up assistance as needed. They are also expected to maintain a thorough knowledge of the store and its products, and of the agency and its services and programs.

  • Serve walk-in customers by providing information/referral about products; hands-on product demonstrations; sales; general instructions in product use; briefly introduce agency services and appropriately refer to agency Information and Referral resources.
  • Serve telephone customers by offering information/referral services, taking orders, answering inquiries, providing after-sales support, etc.
  • Serve Internet customers by offering information/referral services, taking orders, answering inquiries, providing after sales support, etc. by email
  • Document and process mail, Internet, and telephone orders, as well as purchase orders and special orders, in a timely manner
  • Check and respond to voicemail and email messages promptly
  • Document and process customer returns
  • Accurately complete all store forms, receipts, and other records related to customer inquiries and sales, and any other store-related matters
  • Pay close attention to customer comments, compliments, criticisms, behavior, buying patterns, product requests, etc. and regularly share them with ROM to help develop plans and strategies on how to best address them.
  • Maintain the store in a neat, clean, and safe condition at all time.

Retail Program Support

  • Open and/or close the store daily as scheduled.
  • Coordinate supplier/customer shipments; work with shipping vendors on any issues. Research alternative shipping methods as necessary.
  • Review daily deposits and paperwork. Provide any information necessary to respond to inquiries about transactions and paperwork from accounting staff.
  • Organize and maintain accurate store files concerning sales, work orders, backorders, returns, suppliers, etc.
  • Process each day’s orders to be shipped in a timely fashion, using either UPS WorldShip or (USPS) to find the most cost-effective method.
  • Watch for and identify product trends. Regularly research and suggest new products (including complimentary products), replacements, and more competitive prices. Recommend discontinuing merchandise and carrying new products as necessary.
  • Assist in visual merchandising, seasonal merchandising, and display rotation.
    h. Maintain in-store records of tax-exempt sales, and any other records as required.
  • Keep track of store supplies such as bags, boxes, and forms and re-order as needed.
  • Check-in, receive, label, and put away merchandise shipments.
  • Open and close store registers and prepare nightly deposits. Run end of month register reports.
  • Send tax-exempt sales spreadsheet and Internet tax-exempt sales from the previous month to the President/CEO on the first business day of the month.
  • Assist with the monthly PRISM newsletter by choosing a store product to highlight and writing an article of approximately 120 words to be included in the newsletter.
  • Assist with the store catalog design and publication by selecting the products to be featured (with the ROM and ROA), obtaining product photos, and writing the product descriptions.

Store Website Maintenance

  • Add new products to website as needed—including price, PLU number, photos, and engaging item description. Include known keywords in item descriptions to aid in favorable search engine results.
  • Record any new talking products (using Audacity) and upload to the store website; add link to product description so customers can hear the item online.
  • Maintain new product and sale/clearance pages regularly, to remove any unnecessary items and keep the website current.
  • Update old/outdated item descriptions, including adding keywords and better product specifications such as dimensions or intended demographics.
  • Design and maintain the layout and content of the store website front page. Find graphics, write description, and choose featured products to go along with the theme. Change theme approximately every 3 weeks.
  • Make any necessary changes involving the store website—including changing shipping methods or rates, price changes, making backordered items temporarily unavailable, etc.

Retail Staff Liaison and Support

  • Supervise and direct the ROA and any other store support staff by providing any information, instructions, training, and support needed to help them work successfully in the store. Keep them informed of any changes in procedures, products, prices, etc. Plan daily strategy, and assign tasks as needed.
  • Provide timely, accurate information to support staff and other agency staff about special orders, in-house transfers, merchandise requests, merchandise received, and any other matters related to the store that are essential to the success of their work.
  • Assist direct service staff with check-in and check-out of layaway items for use out in the field. Keep direct service staff accountable for layaway items over two weeks old, as needed.
  • Assist the ROM with special projects as requested—for example, with retail space design, relocation, or other store changes and improvements.

Inventory Management

  • Create weekly purchase orders, to maintain an appropriate amount of stock on hand. Place orders via fax, email, or online, as requested by suppliers.
  • Supervise return to supplier items in a timely manner, with appropriate forms and RA# numbers. Transfer items in and out as needed.
  • Process incoming merchandise in a timely manner; commit items to inventory properly; label and stock merchandise.
  • Process or supervise transfers in or out of products for demo use, low vision clinic use, or staff personal kits.
  • Organize and conduct regular and spot physical inventories.
  • Note any changes in customer buying patterns, product quality, special orders, etc. that may affect the amount and timing of orders, and plan purchase orders accordingly.

Policies and Procedures

  • Follow established policies and procedures concerning the store.
  • Suggest changes to the ROM that would improve store efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Attend all store staff meetings and trainings
  • Attend all monthly staff meetings
  • Provide coverage for store staff breaks, lunches, vacations, and illnesses.


  • Keep all records necessary to ensure that store activities are conducted in accordance with agency, supplier, and legal requirements.
  • Keep all personnel, customer, and other client records secure and confidential in accordance with agency requirements.

Quality and Quantity of Performance

  • Maintain overall performance quality and quantity at a minimum level of “meets job requirements” as outlined on the Performance Review.

Accountability and Relationships

  • Accountability
    1. The Assistant ROM is directly accountable to the Retail Operations Manager and ultimately to the President/CEO.
    2. Promote high ethical and professional standards in all program activities.
  • Internal Relationships
    1. Establishes and maintains positive and effective working relationships with all other agency staff
    2. Establishes and maintains working knowledge of all agency programs.
  • External Relationships
    1. Establishes and maintains positive and effective working relationships with other key publics including suppliers and other organizations serving visually impaired persons.
    2. Maintains a positive and helpful manner at all times when dealing with the public—whether by phone, email, or in person.

Minimum Required Qualifications

  • High School Graduate required, AA preferred
  • Ability to understand and speak English well
  • Retail experience
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellent customer service
  • Demonstrated ability to do accurate paperwork with careful attention to details
  • Ability to correctly lift up to 25 pounds
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Computer literate and Internet savvy
  • Ability to keep information confidential
  • Sensitivity to older adult and disabled populations

Please submit a summary of qualifications limited to two pages and a cover letter including a personal statement expressing how Sight Connection aligns with your personal and professional goals. Please email resume, cover letter and three professional references to, inquiries welcome.

$16 – $18/hour DOE
Medical and Dental Benefits
Paid Vacation and Sick Leave
10 Paid Holidays

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