Microsoft has developed a coding language, Code Jumper that is specifically for the blind and visually impaired. It is different from computer-based programming languages such as Python and C++, since Code Jumper is an educational tool comprised of modular, physical pieces students can string together to create code. It makes coding tactile and fun — and it’s highly customizable. Students can play single musical notes or complete songs, tell stories, use pre-set sounds and make their own sounds. They have control over speed, pitch, and volume too. An app, Code Jumper app, is required for the system to work. Each Code Jumper kit has two main components – a hub and several pods. The hub is a hand-sized white plastic device running on four AA batteries with a large circular blue play button and a slightly smaller circular blue stop button, a built-in speaker, volume control and four ports that look like traditional headphone jacks. Code Jumper will be available starting in July through American Printing House for the Blind. Pricing has not yet been determined but a government grant will allow school districts to get these materials for free. If you or your child are a student, contact your school about getting this.

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