Your gift can help provide regained independence for someone with vision loss.

Make A Gift – Share The Vision

With your help, Sight Connection can continue to make a difference in the lives of people with vision loss. Your donations make it possible for us to provide life-enhancing programs and services that help people in our community lead active, independent lives. We couldn’t do it without you!

Your gift transforms lives:

  • Teaching a blind person to travel using a white cane
  • Training a person with low vision to read independently using a specialized magnifier
  • Allowing someone newly diagnosed with vision loss to adapt through one-on-one counseling

There are many ways that you can support the work we do:


Sight Connection
929 N 130th St, Suite 3
Seattle, WA 98133


(206) 204-6158 or (800) 458-4888.


(206) 525-5556 or email

Other Ways To Donate Money

Become A Sustainer By Make a Recurring Gift

Help sustain Sight Connection with a scheduled gift each month. For as little as $20 per month you’ll allow us to keep providing life-enhancing services to those with low vision. Just check “Recurring Donation” on online donation information page.

Click here to donate now!

Give With The Help Of Your Employer

With automatic deductions from your paycheck you can help sustain Sight Connection on a monthly basis without lifting a finger. In addition to United Way’s campaigns, many employers run their own internal giving campaigns. Check to see if your employer has a matching gift program and what forms need to be filled out by yourself or Sight Connection.

Make A Gift Of Stock

Making a stock gift to Sight Connection is easy and can be a wise tax move! If you have stock that has increased in price, when you sell you will probably owe taxes on the gains. By donating stock to Sight Connection you may be able to lower your capital gains taxes while reaping the tax benefit of the fully appreciated value of the donated stock. It’s like donating your taxes!

Simply follow these three steps to facilitate the transfer of shares:

  1. Provide your broker with the following information:
    Sight Connection Broker: D A Davidson & Co. DTC Number: 0361
    Account Number: xxxx0625 – Sight Connection
  2. Remind your broker to include your name, contact information, and any special instructions for use of the gift with your transfer.
  3. Contact Emily Bader at 206-204-6148 or with information about the type of stock you’re giving and number of shares, as well as any special considerations you may have.

Special Tax-Free IRA Gifts

For those aged 70½ or older, it is once again possible to make tax-favored charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts.

To make such gifts, it is important not to withdraw funds prior to a gift, but have the gift amount distributed directly from an IRA to one or more qualified charities. For those with check-writing privileges on their accounts, this may be the most efficient way to make gifts directly from an IRA.

Contact Emily Bader at 206-204-6148 or

Donate Clothing & Household Items

With much regret, Sight Connection has closed its household item pick-up program. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support of Sight Connection over the years. Pick-up donations can be scheduled with NW Center’s Big Blue Truck (206) 285-9140.

Items dropped off at the Redmond and Everett Value Village sites will continue to benefit Sight Connection’s independence-driven services for the visually impaired.

Redmond Value Village map      Everette Value Village map

In-Kind Donations

We welcome donations of adaptive aids that are no longer being used and in good working order. Items such as white canes and electronic magnifiers are used in our programs or donated to Sight Connection’s low-income clients.

Planned Giving

Your generosity can continue beyond your lifetime when you include Sight Connection in your will. It can help you ensure good stewardship of your assets and may provide tax benefits to your heirs. Your gift may be a fixed sum of money; a % of your estate or one or more assets such as shares of stock.

Sample Language For Your Will

You may offer the following language sample to your estate planning attorney for consideration.

I give and devise to Sight Connection, Seattle, Washington, the Sum of $____ or % of estate to be used by the organization (or designated to the program of your choice) without future restriction.

Legal Name: Sight Connection
Legal Address: 929 N 130th St, Suite 3, Seattle, WA 98133
Tax Identification Number: 91-0564751

Other Simple Legacy Options

One of the simplest and fastest ways to make a planned gift to Sight Connection is to designate Sight Connection as a beneficiary on a financial account such as:

  • IRA or a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k)
  • Life insurance policy
  • Pension
  • Bank account or certificate of deposit

This type of planned gift usually takes very little time. Simply fill out a Beneficiary Designation Form from the financial institution (often available online) and write Sight Connection, IEN 91-0564751, as a beneficiary. Beneficiary designations enjoy the same estate tax benefits as a will and in some cases can produce income tax savings for your heirs.

Speak to your financial planner or estate attorney about other tax-saving ways to benefit you, your family and Sight Connection.