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Connecting the Visually Impaired to Services and the Community

Each year we serve more than 1,000 children, adults, and elders in five counties including King, Snohomish, Kitsap, Pierce, and Skagit. After a low vision diagnosis, SightConnection works alongside individuals to develop strategies and skills that promote well-being and self-sufficiency. Just as eye color varies from person to person, the low vision experience of each of our clients is unique to them. We customize our service plan to each client according to their needs, goals, and capabilities and equip them with the best resources, information, and training. SightConnection clients are supported by all branches of our services: our low vision clinic, safe travel and independent living training, counseling and education services, assistive technology support and store products. With SightConnection it’s true that losing vision doesn’t mean losing independence. Click on Program Services in our Programs tab to see a full description of our services.

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The SightConnection store carries a variety of products to make you and your loved ones’ lives easier and to enhance your independence, despite living with vision loss. Shop our secure online store 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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Donate clothing, household goods and E-Waste to support services for people with vision loss.

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